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Access all your investor information using the Investor Hub

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Investment Performance

We continue to be impressed by the resilience and adaptability shown by the portfolio company founders and their teams since the onset of COVID-19. The focus on founders is central to Pembroke’s investment strategy which has proven to be robust during this period of disruption.

We are pleased to report two profitable exits from the portfolio; Pasta Evangelists in January 2021 and Plenish, after the year end, in April 2021. Each exit has allowed the Board to declare a special dividend.

In August 2020 the Company’s shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of merging the two share classes, with the B Ordinary Shares now the sole share class.

The Company’s recent £40 million fundraise was fully subscribed and represents another record fundraise following the £34 million raised in the previous year.

The Company’s net asset value (“NAV”) at 31 March 2021 was £132.7 million (2020: £106.5 million) and continues an upward trend reflecting underlying investment performance and fundraising. This includes the impact on NAV of the dividends paid in October 2020 and March 2021.

During the period, the total return (NAV plus cumulative dividends paid) of the B Ordinary shares increased 12.8 pence, from 121.3 pence per share to 134.1 pence per share.

The Company made a profit of £14.0 million in the year to 31 March 2021 (2020: £3.9 million loss). The combined realised and unrealised net gains on investments were £16.7 million (2020: £2.2 million loss) and the net income arising from loan notes provided to portfolio companies was £0.4 million (2020: £0.7 million).

Following the year end, in April 2021 the Company bought back shares totalling £9.7 million.

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