One Plan is an event planning and management platform, enabling safe events post-pandemic

OnePlan was founded in 2019 by Paul Foster, an international crowd management expert, with the mission to dramatically simplify and enhance every step of the event planning process. OnePlan’s extensive event planning solutions allow organisers to collaborate in real-time, centralising the entire process into one innovative platform.

Since launch, OnePlan has secured deals with some of the world’s best-known brands such as Arsenal, Chelsea and the Brooklyn Nets NBA team, working with over 1,500 events across 50 countries.

Date of investment May 2021
Cost of investment £3,750,000
% of ownership 15.5%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £7,426,000

“We’re excited to start the next leg of our journey with an amazing team of investors who share our vision for OnePlan. Above all, we’re passionate about continuing to help our customers create amazing events in a simpler and more efficient way.”
Paul Foster
Founder of One Plan