HotelMap is a technology platform focusing on automating complex hotel bookings for trade show and conference attendees.

The global on-demand platform has been built to modernise and streamline the hotel booking process for large-scale conferences and trade shows. Consider having to book 250 VIPs into hotels for a conference or organising a trade show where you need 7,000 hotel rooms for exhibitors, or 3,000 rooms for hosted buyers. This type of hotel booking is complicated, time consuming, fraught with errors, and even in 2018 – a largely manual process. This causes problems and unnecessary costs for all three stakeholders: the event organiser, the group booker and the hotels. Over $128 billion is spent every year on hotel stays booked for these conference attendees. The dominant technology in this sector is still the Excel spreadsheet. HotelMap aims to beome the go-to platform to modernise and dominate this sector.

The company has significant traction and is the event hotel booking platform used by the world’s largest conference and trade show organisers.

Date of investment October 2018
Cost of investment £1,500,000
% of ownership 5.2%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £1,500,000
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