A high energy, music focussed, bike-based fitness experience.

Boom Cycle is an indoor cycling concept which offers a fun, high‑intensity cardiovascular workout. The business currently has five studios based in London (City, Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea and Waterloo), where they combine indoor spin cycling with various exercise classes for both upper and lower body work‑outs.

They have this year secured a contract to produce the digital content for an at home digital spin company. Boom Cycle is one of the foremost dedicated spinning studios in London, and is on track to replicate the success of some of the larger players in the US.

Date of investment April 2013
Cost of investment £3,106,000
% of ownership 32%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £2,108,000

There is no reason your workout can’t be the most fun part of your day!
Hilary Rowland
Boom Cycle Founder

High energy, music focussed
bike-based fitness experience

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