(formerly Boom Cycle) United Fitness Brands (UFB) consists of bike based workout Boom Cycle, boxing workout KOBOX and Barrecore.

(formerly Boom Cycle)

United Fitness Brands (UFB) exists to curate the best in class fitness verticals and support them through national and international growth. Formed through the merger of Boom Cycle, an indoor cycling concept which offers a fun, high-intensity cardiovascular workout, and KOBOX, a gym group focused on making boxing accessible to everyone, in early 2021. The group has progressed to acquire Barrecore that offers Barre classes from 13 locations across the UK.

Date of investment April 2013
Cost of investment £5,276,000
% of ownership 10.6%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £1,524,500

There is no reason your workout can’t be the most fun part of your day!
Hilary Rowland
Boom Cycle Founder

High energy, music focussed
bike-based fitness experience